[planned city] USA – Boston & Washington – BosWash, the megalopolis that becomes smart city

Source: http://www.dailyenmoveme.com/en/smart-city/boswash-megalopolis-becomes-smart-city?goback=%2Egde_1891608_member_228245364

There will be space for everyone in constant dialogue with each and every means will be used in a more intelligent and zero impact: the movement of high-speed trains will fit perfectly with pedestrian lanes and bike paths.
Public transport will be more powerful and «green» and the only electric car on the road. The machine strictly car-sharing and the underground super environmentally friendly.

A dream? Absolutely not. It is the reality developed by the architects of the study Bostonian Howeler + Yoon, who have imagined a new urban model from existing infrastructure and logistics of that, if built, will become fully sustainable.

Not an abstract model, but a real experiment that will affect the famous BosWash, the huge metropolitan area, 800 km and 50 million inhabitants, which runs from Boston to Washington and, for its size and its close connections in ’61 was defined by Jean Gottmann the first megacity in the world.

The project, which will create the new concept of architecture and urban planning «Shareway», was also awarded the ‘»Audi Urban Future Award 2012″.

With this idea based on the exchange the American team was able to revolutionize the idea of ​​commuting between places of work and living.

The basic concept is in fact hybridize the public and private transport through a new type of platform dedicated to mobility. This means combining existing infrastructure with traffic flows and networks of highly intelligent.

The theoretical design and jury chairman John Thackara has motivated so the decision made by the jury of ‘»Audi Urban Future Award»: «The jury selected the winner in the project area BosWash noting that this was the most complete answer to the brief of the competition, as well as being potentially feasible, at least in part, by 2030 «.

The judges also noted that this project has occurred «rich in research into the socio-economic context of the area, including both social and technical innovations at the system level and has a high degree of architectural quality at the executive level.»

And there’s more: in addition to «Shareway» will be born «Sharestay.» A few meters from transport hubs you can stay in shared apartments. Very low rents calculated based on the actual hours daily usage and maximum energy efficiency. Seeing is believing …

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